Weddings can be one of the most exciting yet challenging events to plan. From sending invitations to booking venues, every detail requires careful attention. One of the best ways to simplify the planning process and ensure a successful event is by renting the necessary equipment. Renting provides flexibility, a wide range of options, and can save money. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate wedding rentals in Texas, and make the most of wedding rental services like Monarch Event Rentals.

wedding event rentals

Initial Planning

Setting Your Vision

The first step in wedding planning is to set a clear vision. Define the theme and style you want for your wedding. Whether it’s rustic, modern, bohemian, or vintage, having a clear idea will help streamline the rental process. Create a detailed vendor-shopping list that includes all the items you’ll need.

Choosing the Venue

Selecting the right venue is crucial before you start renting equipment. Austin, for example, offers a variety of venues, from elegant ballrooms to scenic outdoor spaces. Some venues may provide certain essentials like tables and chairs, which can reduce your rental needs. For raw spaces or outdoor weddings, you’ll likely need to rent everything.

Essential Rentals


Tables are fundamental to any wedding setup, and the right selection can enhance the overall aesthetic of your event. Here are some popular table options for weddings in Austin:

  • Round Tables: These tables are ideal for creating a communal and intimate atmosphere. They typically seat 6-10 guests comfortably, fostering conversation and a sense of unity among attendees. Round tables are a classic choice and work well with a variety of decor styles.
  • Rectangular Tables: Perfect for long, banquet-style seating, rectangular tables provide a more formal and structured look. They require more centerpieces and flower arrangements to break up the length, but they also offer a versatile layout option. These tables are great for family-style dining or when you want to create distinct sections within your reception space.
  • Rustic Wood Tables: For a touch of charm and vintage appeal, rustic wood tables are an excellent choice. They add warmth and character to the venue, making them perfect for outdoor or barn weddings. These tables often require minimal decoration as their natural beauty stands out.

Find variety of tables for rent in our catalog.

When planning your layout, ensure there’s enough space between tables for guests to move comfortably. Mixing table shapes can help maximize your space and add visual interest. It’s important to consider the overall flow of the event, including pathways for waitstaff and access to key areas like the dance floor and buffet.


Chairs are not only practical but also play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your wedding. The right chairs can enhance the decor and provide comfort for your guests. Here are some popular chair options:

  • Chiavari Chairs: Elegant and versatile, Chiavari chairs are suitable for both ceremonies and receptions. They come in various colors and finishes, including gold, silver, and clear, allowing them to match any theme. Their classic design adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Vintage Armchairs: For a more personalized and unique touch, vintage armchairs can be used for special seating areas like the sweetheart table or lounge areas. These chairs add a sense of nostalgia and elegance, perfect for a vintage or rustic-themed wedding.
  • Folding Chairs: Practical for outdoor settings and easy to move, folding chairs are a budget-friendly option. They can be dressed up with chair covers or sashes to match your decor. Folding chairs are also convenient for ceremonies that require quick setup and takedown.

Ensure you have enough chairs for all parts of the event, including the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Consider renting a few extra chairs in case of unexpected needs or damaged items.


Linens add color, texture, and elegance to your wedding decor. The right choice of linens can elevate the look of your tables and chairs. Here are some options to consider:

  • Tablecloths: Available in various colors, materials, and sizes, tablecloths are essential for covering tables and creating a cohesive look. Choose from options like satin, polyester, and lace to match your theme.
  • Table Runners: Perfect for adding a pop of color or texture to rectangular tables, table runners can be used over tablecloths for a layered look. They can also be used alone for a more minimalist approach.
  • Napkins: Coordinate napkins with your overall color scheme. They can be folded creatively or adorned with napkin rings for added elegance.
  • Chair Covers: If the chairs provided by the venue do not match your decor, chair covers are a great solution. They come in various colors and styles, including fitted and draped options, and can be tied with sashes for a decorative touch.

For outdoor weddings, consider renting table cloth rings to prevent linens from blowing away. It’s also important to choose materials that are easy to clean and resistant to wrinkles.

wedding event rentals

Table Settings


Choosing the right dishes enhances the dining experience and complements the overall decor. Here are some dish options to consider:

  • Plates: Include dinner plates, salad plates, and dessert plates. Consider the style and color of the plates to ensure they match the theme of your wedding.
  • Chargers: Decorative plates that sit under the dinner plates, adding an elegant touch. They come in various materials like glass, metal, and wood, providing opportunities to add texture and color.
  • Vintage China: Perfect for a timeless, sophisticated look. Vintage china adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance, ideal for classic or vintage-themed weddings.


Proper glassware ensures guests have the appropriate drinkware for the occasion. Consider renting various types of glasses to accommodate different beverages:

  • Wine Glasses: Red and white wine glasses are essential for serving wine. They are designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine.
  • Champagne Flutes: Essential for toasts and celebrations, champagne flutes add a touch of elegance to the event.
  • Stemless Glasses: Modern and less prone to tipping over, stemless glasses are a practical choice. They are versatile and can be used for various types of beverages.

Ensure you have at least three sets of glassware per guest to accommodate different beverages throughout the event. This includes wine glasses, water glasses, and cocktail glasses.


Flatware options can range from simple to luxurious, depending on the theme and style of your wedding:

  • Standard Silverware: Practical and cost-effective, standard silverware is suitable for most weddings. It includes forks, knives, and spoons for each course.
  • Luxe Gold Flatware: Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Gold flatware is perfect for formal and upscale weddings.
  • Vintage Silverware: Ideal for a classic or vintage-themed wedding. Vintage silverware adds character and charm to the table settings.

Don’t forget serving utensils for family-style dining or dessert service. This includes serving spoons, forks, and cake servers.

Setup and Décor


Lighting is crucial for creating the right ambiance and enhancing the visual appeal of your wedding. Here are some lighting options to consider:

  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any venue. They can be hung from ceilings or tent structures to create a focal point. Consider using chandeliers for the reception area or the dance floor to add a glamorous touch.
  • Uplighting: Uplighting involves placing lights at the base of walls or structures to project light upwards. This technique can dramatically change the appearance of a venue by highlighting architectural features and adding depth. Uplighting is available in various colors to match your wedding theme and can be used to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • String Lights: String lights are perfect for creating a romantic and whimsical ambiance. They can be draped across ceilings, wrapped around trees, or used to outline pathways. String lights are especially effective for outdoor weddings, providing both functional and decorative lighting.
  • Lanterns and Candles: Lanterns and candles add a soft, intimate glow to your wedding decor. Use them as centerpieces on tables, hang them from trees, or place them along walkways. Battery-operated candles are a safe alternative to traditional candles, especially for outdoor events.
  • Spotlights and Gobos: Spotlights can be used to highlight specific areas, such as the wedding cake, sweetheart table, or dance floor. Gobos are templates placed over lights to project patterns or monograms onto surfaces, adding a personalized touch to your decor.

For all lighting needs, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and effectiveness. Monarch Event Rentals offers a variety of lighting options and can provide expert advice on the best choices for your venue.


Tents are essential for outdoor weddings, providing shelter and defining the space. Here are some tent options to consider:

  • Pole Tents: Pole tents are supported by center poles and perimeter stakes, creating a high, swooping roof. They are cost-effective and suitable for grassy areas. However, the center poles can obstruct views and the setup requires ample space for stakes and ropes.
  • Frame Tents: Frame tents are supported by a metal frame, eliminating the need for center poles. This provides an unobstructed interior space and greater flexibility in placement. Frame tents can be set up on any surface, including concrete and asphalt, making them a versatile option. They are typically more expensive than pole tents.
  • Clear-Top Tents: Clear-top tents feature transparent roofs, allowing guests to enjoy views of the sky and surroundings while being protected from the elements. They create a unique and elegant atmosphere, especially for evening events. Clear-top tents can enhance the ambiance with natural light during the day and twinkling stars at night.
  • Sailcloth Tents: Sailcloth tents are made from translucent fabric that diffuses light, creating a warm and inviting glow. They are supported by wooden poles and feature graceful, sweeping lines. Sailcloth tents are ideal for rustic or nautical-themed weddings.

When choosing a tent, consider the size and layout required to accommodate your guests comfortably. Ensure your venue allows tents and plan for proper installation. Monarch Event Rentals can conduct site visits to assess the space and recommend the best tent options.

Staging and Dance Floors

Staging and dance floors are essential elements for the reception, providing designated areas for key activities:

  • Staging: Stages provide a focal point for speeches, performances, and the couple’s first dance. They can be customized in size and height to suit the venue and event. Stages should be sturdy and safe, with adequate load-bearing capacity for performers and equipment.
  • Dance Floors: Dance floors create a designated area for dancing, ensuring guests have a safe and comfortable space to enjoy the music. They come in various sizes and materials, such as wood, vinyl, and LED. LED dance floors can change colors and patterns, adding a dynamic element to the celebration.

For a cohesive look, coordinate the staging and dance floor materials with your overall wedding theme. Monarch Event Rentals offers high-quality stages and dance floors with professional setup to ensure safety and functionality.

Furniture and Lounge Areas

Creating comfortable lounge areas allows guests to relax and socialize during the event. Here are some furniture options to consider:

  • Sofas and Ottomans: Provide cozy seating arrangements for guests to unwind. Choose from various styles, such as vintage, modern, or rustic, to match your decor.
  • Coffee Tables and Side Tables: Add functionality and style to lounge areas. Use these tables to hold drinks, snacks, or decorative items like floral arrangements and candles.
  • Outdoor Furniture: For outdoor weddings, consider renting weather-resistant furniture like rattan or wicker sets. These pieces can withstand the elements while providing comfort and style.
  • Decorative Accents: Enhance lounge areas with decorative pillows, throws, and rugs. These accents add color and texture, making the space inviting and comfortable.

Strategically place lounge areas throughout the venue to encourage mingling and provide resting spots for guests. Monarch Event Rentals can help you select and arrange the perfect furniture for your wedding.

Additional Décor Elements

Enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding with additional décor elements:

  • Arches and Arbors: Create a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony with arches or arbors adorned with flowers, greenery, or fabric drapes. These structures can be used for the altar or as photo backdrops.
  • Signage: Use signage to guide guests and add a personal touch to your decor. Options include welcome signs, seating charts, and directional signs. Customize the signage to match your wedding theme and colors.
  • Draping and Fabric: Add elegance to your venue with draping and fabric accents. Use fabric to create canopies, swags, and backdrops. Choose materials like chiffon, silk, or velvet for a luxurious look.
  • Eclectic Décor: Incorporate unique and eclectic décor items to add personality to your wedding. Options include vintage suitcases, birdcages, lanterns, and antique mirrors. These items can be used as centerpieces, photo props, or decorative accents.
  • Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements: Centerpieces and floral arrangements are essential for creating a cohesive look. Work with your florist to design arrangements that complement your theme and color palette. Consider using a mix of flowers, greenery, and decorative elements like candles and lanterns.

By carefully selecting and coordinating these décor elements, you can create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience for you and your guests. Monarch Event Rentals offers a wide range of décor items and can provide expert advice on creating the perfect setup.

wedding event rentals

Comfort and Entertainment

Heating & Cooling

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is crucial:

  • Heaters: For cooler months or evenings.
  • Fans: Essential for hot Texas summers.
  • Air Conditioners: Portable units can keep indoor spaces cool.

Photo Booths

Photo booths add an element of fun and provide keepsakes for guests:

  • Props: Enhance the photo experience.
  • Digital Sharing: Allows guests to share photos instantly on social media.

Entertainment Options

Entertainment is key to a memorable wedding:

  • DJ Equipment: Ensure the music keeps the party going.
  • Karaoke Machines: Fun for guests of all ages.
  • Live Bands: Add a personal touch to the reception.

Vendor Relations

Essential Questions

Before finalizing rentals, ask vendors the following questions:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Have you worked at our venue before?
  • Can we view actual rental items or samples?
  • What are your delivery and setup fees?
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

wedding event rentals

Practical Tips


  • Prioritize Essentials: Focus on items that will have the most impact.
  • Negotiate: Ask for discounts or packages.


  • Delivery Coordination: Ensure items arrive well before the event for setup.
  • Professional Installation: Use professional services for complex setups like lighting and AV equipment.


Planning a wedding in Texas, can be made easier with the right rentals and services. From tables and chairs to lighting and entertainment, renting allows you to create the perfect event without the hassle of purchasing and storing items. Monarch Event Rentals and other local providers offer a wide range of options to meet your needs. Follow this guide to ensure your wedding is memorable, elegant, and stress-free.


Why should I rent wedding equipment instead of buying?

Renting is cost-effective, provides flexibility, and offers access to a wide variety of high-quality items.

What are the essential items to rent for a wedding?

Essential items include tables, chairs, linens, lighting, tents, staging, and entertainment equipment.

How do I choose the right rental company?

Look for companies with good reviews, extensive inventory, and excellent customer service. Monarch Event Rentals is a reliable option in Austin, Texas.

What questions should I ask rental vendors?

Ask about licensing, insurance, previous experience at your venue, delivery fees, and cancellation policies.

How can I save money on wedding rentals?

Prioritize essential items, negotiate for discounts, and consider package deals from rental companies.

When should I start booking my wedding rentals?

Start booking as soon as you have a clear vision and a confirmed venue, typically six to eight months before the wedding.

By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to planning a beautiful and unforgettable wedding in Texas.