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Monarch Event Rentals provides some of the highest quality tenting products in the Austin Event Rental Industry . In addition, our team of professionals are well-trained in making sure that our products are set-up properly, timely, and aesthetically exceptional. Whether you are getting married, planning a corporate event, or just a small backyard party, our wide range of tents can help you select the perfect fit for your big day.

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Throughout the event industry, tents have been known to be a beautiful option to elevate the design of an event. Because tent ceilings can serve as a “blank canvas” , many of our customers have used this as a decorative element to enhance the theme and look of their event . Our ability to provide fabric drapes and treatment of any style and color can transform your event setting to an upscale, unique and personalized environment.


Although tents should never be mistaken as 100% waterproof, they do serve as a great way to shield guests from light rain or drizzle. Tents are a great way to make sure you and your guests stay dry on your big day. Rain or shine, the show must go on!

Heating or Cooling

Because we are able to install tent walls on any of our products, our tents serve as a great option for retaining heating and cooling on an extreme weather day. Our selection of climate control options include tent heaters, fans and portacoolers and will help you feel confident that your guests are comfortable and enjoying a great event.



Frame tents are the most commonly used type of tents for events. Because frame tents are created using poles on the ceiling frame , they are a great option for designing and decorating an event space. Their unobstructed interior also helps maximize spacing and can be a great look in white and clear tops.


Festival tents have a dramatic peak which makes them a great option for a large outdoor event like a festival, concert or corporate event. The suspended tension wires along the roof of the tent allow for clearance in the tent‘s center. When lined up together, festival tents set a great mood for an outdoor event.


These beautiful sail cloth tents are a popular new option for weddings and private events. These tents have unique curved edges and wood textured poles which make the tent itself a decorative piece. Tidewater tents do have a tendency of heating up, so we do not recommend using them as a shade option for a hot summer day.


Clearspan tents are known to be one of our most durable options and can handle stronger wind ratings. Because of this, clearspan tents may require the use of a forklift or scissor lift for installation. Clearspan tents also allow for an unobstructed interior and can be a great option for a large event with a high volume of attendees.

White Frame Tent
Tent SizeType of Tents~Number of People for Ceremony (Theater Style)~Number of People for Seated Reception (10ppl per table)~Number of People for Standing CocktailPriceFR Certificate
10 x 10 White Frame1610 (1 Table)14120https://drive.google.com/file/d/1owY87XLGhqZsSn2fpt_WwuKye3Vpwblw/view?usp=sharing
10 x 15White Frame2510 (1 Table)21210
10 x 20 White Frame3220 (2 Tables)28234Fire Certificate
10 x 30 White Frame4830 (3 Tables)42330
10 x 40 White Frame66 40 (4 Tables)57500
10 x 50 White Frame8350 (5 Tables)71660
10 x 60 White Frame10060 (6 Tables)85750
10 x 70 White Frame11670 (7 Tables)100840
10 x 80White Frame 11380 (8 Tables)114930
10 x 90White Frame15090 (9 tables)1281020
15 x 15 White Frame3720 (2 Tables)32300
15 x 20White Frame5030 (3 Tables)42360
15 x 30White Frame 7540 (4 Tables)64480
15 x 40 White Frame10060 (6 Tables)85600
20 x 20 White Frame6640 (4 Tables)57372
20 x 30 White Frame10060 (6 Tables)85486
20 x 40 White Frame13380 (8 Tables)114624
20 x 50 White Frame166100 (10 Tables)142780
20 x 60 White Frame200120 (12 Tables)171930
20 x 80White Frame266160 (16 Tables)2281320
30 x 30 White Frame15090 (9 Tables)128780
30 x 40 White Frame200120 (12 Tables)1711050
30 x 50White Frame 250150 (15 Tables)2141320
30 x 60White Frame300180 (18 Tables)2571500
30 x 70 White Frame350210 (21 Tables)3001680
30 x 80White Frame400240 (24 Tables)3421860
30 x 90White Frame450270 (27 Tables)3852040
40 x 40White Frame266160 (16 Tables)381320
40 x 50 White Frame333200 (20 tables)2851800
40 x 60 White Frame400240 (24 tables)3422040
40 x 80 White Frame533320 (32 Tables)4572700
40 x 90White Frame600360 (36 Tables)5143000
40 x 100White Frame666400 (40 Tables)5713300
40 x 120White Frame800480 (48 Tables)6854020
Clear Frame Tent
Tent SizeType of Tents~Number of People for Ceremony (Theater Style)~Number of People for Seated Reception (10ppl per table)~Number of People for Standing CocktailPriceFR Certificate
10 x 10 Clear Frame1610 (1 Table)14480
10 x 15Clear Frame2510 (1 Table)21540
10 x 20 Clear Frame3320 (2 Tables)28570Fire Certificate
20 x 20 Clear Frame 6640 (4 Tables)57600
20 x 30 Clear Frame10060 (6 Tables)85780
20 x 40 Clear Frame13380 (8 Tables)114960
20 x 50 Clear Frame166100 (10 Tables)1421200
20 x 60 Clear Frame200120 (12 Tables)1711440
30 x 30 Clear Frame15090 (9 Tables)1281320
30 x 40 Clear Frame200120 (12 Tables)1711560
30 x 50Clear Frame 250150 (15 Tables)2141800
30 x 60Clear Frame300180 (18 Tables)2572160
30 x 70 Clear Frame350210 (21 Tables)3002400
30 x 80Clear Frame400240 (24 Tables)3422640
40 x 40Clear Frame266160 (16 Tables)2281920
40 x 50 Clear Frame333200 (20 Tables)2852400
40 x 60 Clear Frame400240 (24 Tables)3422880
40 x 70 Clear Frame466280 (28 Tables)4003360
40 x 80 Clear Frame533320 (32 Tables)4573840
40 x 100Clear Frame666400 (40 Tables)5714800
40 x 120Clear Frame800480 (48 Tables)6854800
Tidewater, Festival, and Structure Tents
Tent SizeType of Tents~Number of People for Ceremony (Theater Style)~Number of People for Seated Reception (10ppl per table)~Number of People for Standing CocktailPriceFR Certificate
Tide Water Tents
32 x 50Tide Water 266160 (16 Tables)2281650
59 x 79Tide Water 776460 (46 Tables)6656600
Festival Tents
10 x 10 Festival 1610 (1 Tables)14138
10 x 20 Festival 3320 (2 tables)28216Fire Certificate
20 x 20 Festival 6640 (4 Tables)57384
20 x 30Festival 10060 (6 Tables)85570
20 x 40 Festival 13380 (8 Tables)114720
20 x 60 Festival 200120 (12 Tables)1711440
Structure Tents
82 x 82Structure1120670 (67 Tables)96016200
82 x 164Structure22411340 (134 Tables)1921138240
84 x 96Structure1344800 (80 Tables)115219440
84 x 112Structure1568940 (94 Tables)134422680
84 x 160Structure22401340 (134 Tables)192032280


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